Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Soldier's Pledge

Oh lady please hear me

As I go into the snow

Won’t you forgive me?

You know I must go

You say I don’t love you

You know that’s untrue

From the moment I met you

My breath has been for you

My future’s not mine

You knew from the start

So come now and kiss me

On the day that we part

Even though I am called

My fortune to find

All my hopes and dreams

I leave with you behind

I’ve loved you in the morning

I’ve loved you from the start

You are my heart’s desire

But this day we must part

So come now and kiss me

Show that you care

And when you least expect it

You’ll find me standing there

Listen for my footsteps

Upon the morning dew

Soon I’ll be returning

Coming home to you

Sunday, 18 February 2007

The Bathroom

They were entwined together for a long time their fingers exploring as if not quite believing the other was there. Take your hand away and it may be just a dream.

“Well you look a sight for sore eyes, so must I! Time to clean ourselves up!

With that he got up and stood beside her. He reached over and she felts his arms slide underneath her.

She gasped as he lifted her into the air and brought her fluidly towards his chest in one motion. As she revelled in his calm muscularity and the smell of his body he walked to what she assumed was the bathroom. He walked into the bath and descended some steps as she felt her naked body immersed in warm luxuriance. The water smelt of costly oils and she knew she was going to enjoy this.

For a long moment he stood there with her clutched tightly to his chest as her body acclimatised to its new environment. She then felt him sit down with her lying prone across him. His warm palms brushed her breasts and her nipples sprang awake at his touch. From somewhere he found soap and gently and very slowly, lovingly even, he cleansed her body of the feast from which she had supped.

First he caressed the beauty that was her breasts. His soapy fingers fondled every fold, every contour, every nuance of her boobs as he cleansed them. She smiled secretly as she realised that he was following her daily routine. Boy he had done his homework on her. She liked the idea of that.

Her nipples followed and he took his time there. She felt them become rock hard again as he massaged them expertly between his fingers and just when she ached for them to be kissed she felt his lips enclose first left then right. Boy this guy was good. It was as if he could read her …!

He chuckled.

She relaxed deeper into his arms and let the feeling build within her. Tactile at her breast but entirely cerebral in effect, she felt herself opening up – now if only she could feel his fingers inside her -… as his fingers teased their way into her.

His lips continued to suckle at her breast as his fingers pleasured her elsewhere whilst his other hand moved down her torso and into her pubic hair finding a welcome there.

Slowly, slowly her pleasure grew and her pores began to tingle as her orgasms began to gather apace. It is an often-held fact that women cannot have two different orgasms at the same time. Because it is difficult doesn’t mean it cannot be done and once attempted it becomes easier and very much appreciated.

So with that philosophy being executed to perfection it was of no surprise that both orgasms hit her from different directions at the same time and she was consumed with a tsunami of pleasure rising higher and higher until finally it peaked and she slumped again onto his arms. “Again” she whispered.

He chuckled again. “Of course but first I must finish your cleansing” and he turned her over and whilst supporting her face above the water started to clean her delicious buttocks.

“But I was on my back. My bottom was not exposed.”

“So you wish I should stop then?”

She felt his hands on her and reconsidered her position. Bending forward she thrust herself further towards him.

“Now you mention it I do believe my bottom is in dire need of attention and I feel you must take all the time you need making it clean …”

Friday, 16 February 2007

But Why Do You Love Me

But why do you love me?

Why not another, I don’t see

There’s no rhyme nor reason

Like the changing of the season

Love was, is and ever will be

That’s what your love means to me

But should I falter in my stride

And from your side I try to hide

Then you’ll know my love has gone

And I now sing another’s song

But that won’t happen in this life

In this tale of tears and strife

There has to be both honesty and truth

Dim divorced from fickle youth

So to one to all from me to you

My darling friend I love you.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Dinner Is Served

So there she lay for how long she was never afterwards to know. Naked, blindfolded and manacled. She tried to order her mind in her personal darkness. This was so out of character for her but nevertheless she was enjoying this sense of hopelessness, the total control that this man seemed to have over her. Indeed she relished it, yearned for it, needed it. How could it happen that a normal, sensible, orderly woman could in so little time find herself in this position and be loving it so much.

Anything could happen now and probably would and as she thought about what might happen she felt her body reawaken, moving from closed bud to full bloom in her … need. Oh yes she was loving this and loving it big time. And so to the ether she made the vow that changed her life forever.

‘Bring it on my daemon lover, anything you want to do I’ll be ready for you! You’ll find I’ll match you stroke for stroke, orgasm for orgasm and I’ll laugh with you and love with you and we will never be apart!’

And from close by a voice answered ‘I’m so glad you said that because you and I have many rivers to cross before our journey is done but that’s for later. I was wholly responsible for taking you away from a particularly fine dinner so I thought I would make it up to you and have brought dinner to you in recompense. Unfortunately the catering facilities are closed so we’ll have to make do with what I could lay my hands on – and he stroked her supine form. In my haste I have forgotten certain things like cutlery and plates and tablecloth and as you are fettered you cannot feed yourself. I wonder how we will manage? Let’s see shall we? Oh nearly forgot; I remembered the ice’

She soon found there was no need for a tablecloth; her naked body served just as well and plates were superfluous too as she felt herself being covered by what he had brought with him. This was to be a work of art so he took his time as he meticulously placed piece by piece upon her as she shivered in anticipation.

And then after an interval that seemed to last forever she found why cutlery was unnecessary as she felt his lips touch her bare flesh and pick up something. Then she felt those lips kiss her and as she opened to accommodate his tongue the fruit was transferred into her mouth.

And as he returned again and again to her torso the very idea of it made her wetter and wetter and she knew she must have him before too long . And then she felt the ice touch her nipples and felt them become painful in their tumescence. She needed them kissed. She needed them sucked. She needed them inside his mouth – now!!

But still he built her higher and higher until she could take no more and began to writhe and thrash in her frustration and then and only then when she truly needed him did she feel his manhood upon her body as he explored her wetness with the tip and gently parted her sex as he slowly entered her until she could take no more.

And there at that moment they truly became joined as lovers, as friends, as questors. One and one became one not two and they both recognised this as they rode each other like the wind until at last they lay spent together, her bonds no longer necessary. She was going nowhere.

After a time he left her side and said ‘Time to get freshened up in The Bathroom.’

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Gather Round People

Gather round people

Come sit by my knee

As I tell you a tale

About sweet Katy McFee

Well Katy is gorgeous

And Katy is kind

If she ever forgets you

You never would mind

Everyone loves her

She’s the pride of the land

She has everyone eating

From the palm of her hand

Never a bad word

Is said about her

Not ever a slander

Narry a slur

Does she exist?

I hear you opine.

This sweet friend I know

This woman so fine

Well let me just say

And I swear that it’s true

I know of one such

And she’s standing by you

Monday, 12 February 2007

The Bedroom

As she awoke in her bedroom she remembered this wonderful dream in which this man had looked deep into her soul and made her body explode.

Regretfully it was only a dream but a very vivid one. If she could always dream like that now she would be contented.

She stretched and opened her eyes and found she could do neither. She was blindfolded and her wrists were fettered. She tried her legs and found they were bound too.

As panic set in she heard. a chuckle and for some reason she found herself reassured. It hadn’t been a dream! Her body tensed as she realised she was totally naked, exposed … and loving it!

Suddenly she felt a tongue lick her perineum and meander slowly up to her clitoris finding many choice delicacies to savour on the way and a thrill coursed through her.

She felt a surge of disappointment as his tongue withdrew but after a long interval charged with emotion his lips enwrapped her left nipple coaxing it into full bloom. Again he withdrew but instead of disappointment she felt a thrill of exhilaration. This was fun!

As she felt his tongue gliding on her neck her exhilaration turned to desire and her body began to respond. This could not be happening to her - not her - this was the stuff of dreams! But it was all too real and tears of happiness fell from her eyes – which he kissed tenderly. This was no rough indelicate youth – this was a Master at work.

Time and again he visited and revisited her body, her neck, her face, her eyes, her lips, her lobes planting delicate kisses thereupon … and then down to her breasts sucking her nipples slowly, surely, languidly; his tongue guiding them into his mouth where they were savoured joyously as was right and proper.

She felt him leave her nipples and then his tongue began to caress her areoles encircling and tickling them so that she shivered and giggled.

Her breasts were next. By the time his tongue had left them every inch had been explored and they felt both loved and worthy – as they were.

As the seconds, minutes, hours passed (time meant nothing) he moved down her abdomen nearer and nearer to her sex which lay open and exposed before his gaze. In these bonds he could do anything he wanted with her … and what he wanted she wanted too.

He reached her pubis and instead of passing on by his fingers lingered, luxuriating in her femininity and feel of her fine blonde hair. His tongue teased the smooth skin beneath before finally and inexorably she felt his tongue move down. As she waited for the moment her back arched to present herself to him and she felt his tongue penetrate her.

Even though it had been building up to this a shock rushed through her whole body as his tongue slid in and out of her time and time again and she felt the orgasm that had been building within rush to the surface in a tidal wave of pleasure.

But his tongue never stopped. He kissed her inner and outer lips before fastening upon her clitoris. He was an expert and as she relaxed her body she thrust herself deeper towards his questing tongue. Up and down round and round harder and softer he brought her to a crescendo and she shouted her pleasure before sinking to the bed again.

For a long moment all was calm and still. All she could hear was the sound of her breathing and she feared he had left her manacled and blindfolded for the staff to find her.

Then she felt the bed give beneath his weight and his hands slide underneath her and cup her buttocks. He lifted her up until she felt his penis brush her vulva. My god he was enormous!

With more delicacy she had been used to in her past he entered her slowly but surely until he was fully immersed inside her. She relaxed her vaginal walls to accommodate him and felt her whole being suffuse with light as he began to pleasure her … and him.

She wished she could wrap her legs round his waist to deepen his penetration but that wasn’t this night’s game. Time and time again he thrust within her gripping her bottom tightly to bring her up to him. His hands moved along her flanks and up to her breasts which he caressed with the back s of his hands as he rotated himself within her building her to a level she had never known before.

At last they reached the point of no return and as he erupted within her she shouted her desire. She wanted more of this, this made her feel worthy. No she was worthy; she deserved this!

And as she thought this he laughed in return, a joyous sound redolent of trees and woods and horses and … unreachable stars!

“All in good time,” a deep voice spoke. Then he was gone leaving her blindfolded and manacled but sated and incredibly happy.

Friday, 9 February 2007

A Friend Is

A friend is more than someone who wipes
Away your tears whenever you are sad.
A friend is more than the one you call
When life makes you feel so mad.

A friend does not have to be the one
With whom you live each weekend,
Someone who lives so far away
Or almost round the bend.

A friend can be the one with whom
You share but a single moment,
Yet it was just for that

They were heaven sent.

Friendship does not have to
Be built up over many years
It, like love, sometimes

Just appears.

So always please remember
With each person you relate
They’ve potential to be someone
Exceptional and truly great.

Try not to judge those who
Don't seem to be your "type,"
Because their personality,
May just fit yours truly right.

So be mindful of who does stand before you
For he isn't what he seems
And when he, weeping, walks away
You’ll have lost far more than just your dreams

In fairness some of this will be familiar from an internet poem. I saw it and felt the verses must die. The structure still remains.