Sunday, 18 February 2007

The Bathroom

They were entwined together for a long time their fingers exploring as if not quite believing the other was there. Take your hand away and it may be just a dream.

“Well you look a sight for sore eyes, so must I! Time to clean ourselves up!

With that he got up and stood beside her. He reached over and she felts his arms slide underneath her.

She gasped as he lifted her into the air and brought her fluidly towards his chest in one motion. As she revelled in his calm muscularity and the smell of his body he walked to what she assumed was the bathroom. He walked into the bath and descended some steps as she felt her naked body immersed in warm luxuriance. The water smelt of costly oils and she knew she was going to enjoy this.

For a long moment he stood there with her clutched tightly to his chest as her body acclimatised to its new environment. She then felt him sit down with her lying prone across him. His warm palms brushed her breasts and her nipples sprang awake at his touch. From somewhere he found soap and gently and very slowly, lovingly even, he cleansed her body of the feast from which she had supped.

First he caressed the beauty that was her breasts. His soapy fingers fondled every fold, every contour, every nuance of her boobs as he cleansed them. She smiled secretly as she realised that he was following her daily routine. Boy he had done his homework on her. She liked the idea of that.

Her nipples followed and he took his time there. She felt them become rock hard again as he massaged them expertly between his fingers and just when she ached for them to be kissed she felt his lips enclose first left then right. Boy this guy was good. It was as if he could read her …!

He chuckled.

She relaxed deeper into his arms and let the feeling build within her. Tactile at her breast but entirely cerebral in effect, she felt herself opening up – now if only she could feel his fingers inside her -… as his fingers teased their way into her.

His lips continued to suckle at her breast as his fingers pleasured her elsewhere whilst his other hand moved down her torso and into her pubic hair finding a welcome there.

Slowly, slowly her pleasure grew and her pores began to tingle as her orgasms began to gather apace. It is an often-held fact that women cannot have two different orgasms at the same time. Because it is difficult doesn’t mean it cannot be done and once attempted it becomes easier and very much appreciated.

So with that philosophy being executed to perfection it was of no surprise that both orgasms hit her from different directions at the same time and she was consumed with a tsunami of pleasure rising higher and higher until finally it peaked and she slumped again onto his arms. “Again” she whispered.

He chuckled again. “Of course but first I must finish your cleansing” and he turned her over and whilst supporting her face above the water started to clean her delicious buttocks.

“But I was on my back. My bottom was not exposed.”

“So you wish I should stop then?”

She felt his hands on her and reconsidered her position. Bending forward she thrust herself further towards him.

“Now you mention it I do believe my bottom is in dire need of attention and I feel you must take all the time you need making it clean …”

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