Thursday, 8 February 2007

The Beginning

You are warned this is the start of the Universal Story all the parts of which are demonstrably OVER 18.

If you are offended by sensuality then please read no further:

As she lay relaxing in her bath she contemplated the turn of events that had brought her to this strange city.

There she had been enjoying her life of self-imposed solitude when through her letterbox had fallen something that had piqued her curiosity. An invitation to attend a party; tonight, here in London. But not an invitation; more of a command.

She had always thought of herself as a balanced and level-headed sort of girl not given to wild impulses but as she read the invitation a thrill seemed to course through her body, her nipples suddenly awoke and a warmth spread between her legs.

Of course there was no way she was going to go but the more she read it again and again the more it intrigued her and the more she found her fingers straying to herself and weak-kneed she made her way to her bedroom and lay on her bed.

There she touched herself through her clothing in ways she only knew but always hoped someone would. No good she thought and slowly removed first her silk shirt and then her velvet skirt easing the last over her pert bottom leaving herself in her bra, pants and stockings.

She unfastened her bra from which tumbled her more than ample bosom. That certainly had been a surprise the day those grew. As she caressed her breasts with the fingers of her left hand her right danced their way slowly down herself finally reaching her pants where they slowly began to circle herself through the silken fabric and then down to caress her legs through her stockings and up again to her sex.

As her fingers began to slide slowly into her panties she got the distinct impression she was being watched but not in a peeping tom sort of way but in a delighted way that was both sensual and highly erotic … and welcome.

She eased her panties from herself and lay naked except for her stockings. As she felt unseen eyes on her she spread her legs wide and lifted her knees as if she was playing with herself for someone else’s pleasure as well her own.

Slowly, slowly she encircled herself and licking her fingers she gently eased her fingers into herself rejoicing in the feel of herself pushing in and out with her urgency. Finally she moved to her love button. It had been so long why had she not done so before? Maybe she needed her imaginary admirer to give her the impetus.

It was slow when it came but fiery hot in its intensity. All her pores tingled and a fire lit in her brain. As she bucked she could have sworn she heard a chuckle.

Exhausted she lay on the bed caressing her body; checking to see whether this hadn’t been a dream. No it was real! But she didn’t do this. Admittedly in the full bloom of puberty there’d been many a self-exploration but now? This was not in character but … for goodness sake she had enjoyed it! And wherever she was leading herself she wanted more … much more!

The next few days passed in a whirl with her debating whether to go but what finally clinched it was the envelope with the hotel room key in it. ‘Whoever is organising this is going to great lengths to get me there’, she thought.

On the day she prepared an overnight case having spent hours selecting her clothes, underwear, jewellery, perfume, footwear etc and reselecting them again and again.

As she prepared to leave there was a knock on the door. The cab! But when she opened the door a Bentley was parked and a driver silently took her suitcase and handed her into the open door. The suitcase he put in the boot and silently he drove to her hotel in London. She was greeted at the door and shown to her room where she inserted her key and closed the door.

She looked in awe at what she saw before her. An enormous canopied with rose petals strewn upon the counterpane. She helped herself to the bar; she had been informed that all was paid for and she was to stint on nothing.

In wonder she walked to the bathroom and saw an enormous sunken bath large enough for an army and she rushed to the bedroom and stripped off her clothes as her bath ran.

She walked slowly and sinuously towards the bathroom as she inspected her nakedness in the mirrors which encircled the room. Yes great body, she thought. Breasts that men would die for, a bottom which turned heads wherever she went and legs that went right up to her … well she’d never had any complaints on that score. Yep, she was blooming fab – if she said so herself.

Tying her blonde hair into a loose chignon she eased herself into her bath and there she lazed for a long while soaping herself with a large sponge from time to time. Finally she climbed out and wrapped herself in a towel.

Then she sat at the dressing table and moisturised herself paying particular attention to her breasts. Wouldn’t do for them to fall off from neglect. Where would she be then?

Then she applied her makeup. Not too much but enough and then she walked to her clothes and slowly stepped into her silk pants, followed by her matching bra. She lifted her leg onto the chair and slowly rolled her stocking up her leg fastening it at the top and then the other. Next she put on her shoes, those ankle strappy ones that people seemed to like and stood and inspected herself finding she was actually really enjoying this.

Finally she put on the dress she had finally chosen, the velvet wraparound one with the neckline. Baby when you’re stacked like you are there’s no getting away from them so why bother trying.

At the appointed time the phone rang and she made her way to the lobby where her driver awaited and he drove her to the party.

The house was located in a very swish neighbourhood and it was with a great deal of apprehension that she presented herself at the door. Surely they’d call her bluff and refuse her entry, but no she was welcomed in with great friendliness so somewhat mollified she walked into the room.

The conversation stopped as she walked in and all turned towards her but they all smiled and beckoned her towards them.

“So you came at last? He will be so pleased. He has awaited your coming with much impatience!”

She was about to ask who they were talking about when in he came. Dressed top to toe in back, as she was, he immediately sought her gaze. As he turned towards her she shouted out “You! It was you who watched me in my bedroom as I …”

He finally turned towards her and as their eyes locked she knew why she’d come to this place and why she wouldn’t be going home just before her body arched and she felt her entirety explode into a crescendo of multiple orgasms.

He knelt down and picked her supine body from the floor as it quivered in diminuendo orgasmo.

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