Monday, 12 February 2007

The Bedroom

As she awoke in her bedroom she remembered this wonderful dream in which this man had looked deep into her soul and made her body explode.

Regretfully it was only a dream but a very vivid one. If she could always dream like that now she would be contented.

She stretched and opened her eyes and found she could do neither. She was blindfolded and her wrists were fettered. She tried her legs and found they were bound too.

As panic set in she heard. a chuckle and for some reason she found herself reassured. It hadn’t been a dream! Her body tensed as she realised she was totally naked, exposed … and loving it!

Suddenly she felt a tongue lick her perineum and meander slowly up to her clitoris finding many choice delicacies to savour on the way and a thrill coursed through her.

She felt a surge of disappointment as his tongue withdrew but after a long interval charged with emotion his lips enwrapped her left nipple coaxing it into full bloom. Again he withdrew but instead of disappointment she felt a thrill of exhilaration. This was fun!

As she felt his tongue gliding on her neck her exhilaration turned to desire and her body began to respond. This could not be happening to her - not her - this was the stuff of dreams! But it was all too real and tears of happiness fell from her eyes – which he kissed tenderly. This was no rough indelicate youth – this was a Master at work.

Time and again he visited and revisited her body, her neck, her face, her eyes, her lips, her lobes planting delicate kisses thereupon … and then down to her breasts sucking her nipples slowly, surely, languidly; his tongue guiding them into his mouth where they were savoured joyously as was right and proper.

She felt him leave her nipples and then his tongue began to caress her areoles encircling and tickling them so that she shivered and giggled.

Her breasts were next. By the time his tongue had left them every inch had been explored and they felt both loved and worthy – as they were.

As the seconds, minutes, hours passed (time meant nothing) he moved down her abdomen nearer and nearer to her sex which lay open and exposed before his gaze. In these bonds he could do anything he wanted with her … and what he wanted she wanted too.

He reached her pubis and instead of passing on by his fingers lingered, luxuriating in her femininity and feel of her fine blonde hair. His tongue teased the smooth skin beneath before finally and inexorably she felt his tongue move down. As she waited for the moment her back arched to present herself to him and she felt his tongue penetrate her.

Even though it had been building up to this a shock rushed through her whole body as his tongue slid in and out of her time and time again and she felt the orgasm that had been building within rush to the surface in a tidal wave of pleasure.

But his tongue never stopped. He kissed her inner and outer lips before fastening upon her clitoris. He was an expert and as she relaxed her body she thrust herself deeper towards his questing tongue. Up and down round and round harder and softer he brought her to a crescendo and she shouted her pleasure before sinking to the bed again.

For a long moment all was calm and still. All she could hear was the sound of her breathing and she feared he had left her manacled and blindfolded for the staff to find her.

Then she felt the bed give beneath his weight and his hands slide underneath her and cup her buttocks. He lifted her up until she felt his penis brush her vulva. My god he was enormous!

With more delicacy she had been used to in her past he entered her slowly but surely until he was fully immersed inside her. She relaxed her vaginal walls to accommodate him and felt her whole being suffuse with light as he began to pleasure her … and him.

She wished she could wrap her legs round his waist to deepen his penetration but that wasn’t this night’s game. Time and time again he thrust within her gripping her bottom tightly to bring her up to him. His hands moved along her flanks and up to her breasts which he caressed with the back s of his hands as he rotated himself within her building her to a level she had never known before.

At last they reached the point of no return and as he erupted within her she shouted her desire. She wanted more of this, this made her feel worthy. No she was worthy; she deserved this!

And as she thought this he laughed in return, a joyous sound redolent of trees and woods and horses and … unreachable stars!

“All in good time,” a deep voice spoke. Then he was gone leaving her blindfolded and manacled but sated and incredibly happy.

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