Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Dinner Is Served

So there she lay for how long she was never afterwards to know. Naked, blindfolded and manacled. She tried to order her mind in her personal darkness. This was so out of character for her but nevertheless she was enjoying this sense of hopelessness, the total control that this man seemed to have over her. Indeed she relished it, yearned for it, needed it. How could it happen that a normal, sensible, orderly woman could in so little time find herself in this position and be loving it so much.

Anything could happen now and probably would and as she thought about what might happen she felt her body reawaken, moving from closed bud to full bloom in her … need. Oh yes she was loving this and loving it big time. And so to the ether she made the vow that changed her life forever.

‘Bring it on my daemon lover, anything you want to do I’ll be ready for you! You’ll find I’ll match you stroke for stroke, orgasm for orgasm and I’ll laugh with you and love with you and we will never be apart!’

And from close by a voice answered ‘I’m so glad you said that because you and I have many rivers to cross before our journey is done but that’s for later. I was wholly responsible for taking you away from a particularly fine dinner so I thought I would make it up to you and have brought dinner to you in recompense. Unfortunately the catering facilities are closed so we’ll have to make do with what I could lay my hands on – and he stroked her supine form. In my haste I have forgotten certain things like cutlery and plates and tablecloth and as you are fettered you cannot feed yourself. I wonder how we will manage? Let’s see shall we? Oh nearly forgot; I remembered the ice’

She soon found there was no need for a tablecloth; her naked body served just as well and plates were superfluous too as she felt herself being covered by what he had brought with him. This was to be a work of art so he took his time as he meticulously placed piece by piece upon her as she shivered in anticipation.

And then after an interval that seemed to last forever she found why cutlery was unnecessary as she felt his lips touch her bare flesh and pick up something. Then she felt those lips kiss her and as she opened to accommodate his tongue the fruit was transferred into her mouth.

And as he returned again and again to her torso the very idea of it made her wetter and wetter and she knew she must have him before too long . And then she felt the ice touch her nipples and felt them become painful in their tumescence. She needed them kissed. She needed them sucked. She needed them inside his mouth – now!!

But still he built her higher and higher until she could take no more and began to writhe and thrash in her frustration and then and only then when she truly needed him did she feel his manhood upon her body as he explored her wetness with the tip and gently parted her sex as he slowly entered her until she could take no more.

And there at that moment they truly became joined as lovers, as friends, as questors. One and one became one not two and they both recognised this as they rode each other like the wind until at last they lay spent together, her bonds no longer necessary. She was going nowhere.

After a time he left her side and said ‘Time to get freshened up in The Bathroom.’

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