Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Soldier's Pledge

Oh lady please hear me

As I go into the snow

Won’t you forgive me?

You know I must go

You say I don’t love you

You know that’s untrue

From the moment I met you

My breath has been for you

My future’s not mine

You knew from the start

So come now and kiss me

On the day that we part

Even though I am called

My fortune to find

All my hopes and dreams

I leave with you behind

I’ve loved you in the morning

I’ve loved you from the start

You are my heart’s desire

But this day we must part

So come now and kiss me

Show that you care

And when you least expect it

You’ll find me standing there

Listen for my footsteps

Upon the morning dew

Soon I’ll be returning

Coming home to you

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