Friday, 9 February 2007

A Friend Is

A friend is more than someone who wipes
Away your tears whenever you are sad.
A friend is more than the one you call
When life makes you feel so mad.

A friend does not have to be the one
With whom you live each weekend,
Someone who lives so far away
Or almost round the bend.

A friend can be the one with whom
You share but a single moment,
Yet it was just for that

They were heaven sent.

Friendship does not have to
Be built up over many years
It, like love, sometimes

Just appears.

So always please remember
With each person you relate
They’ve potential to be someone
Exceptional and truly great.

Try not to judge those who
Don't seem to be your "type,"
Because their personality,
May just fit yours truly right.

So be mindful of who does stand before you
For he isn't what he seems
And when he, weeping, walks away
You’ll have lost far more than just your dreams

In fairness some of this will be familiar from an internet poem. I saw it and felt the verses must die. The structure still remains.

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